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Marketing strategy

We make sure you stay consistently ahead of the game and get results by implementing the latest marketing strategy, testing new ideas, measuring data, and analyzing the main competitors.

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Just having a website, doesn't equal traffic. It’s a long hard road to get the right type and amount of traffic to support your business. When you absolutely need traffic while your SEO efforts are ticking along, you can rely on Google ads for quick and meaningful traffic.

Ensuring that your Google Ads is set up and talking to your website correctly is the most important first step in setting your campaigns as well as having an optimized website and a landing page specifically designed to convert.

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How Pay Per Click works

We run an audit on your current site to see if "Pay Per Click" will provide a return on investment for your business. After we run the audit, we begin implementing your PPC campaigns and re-marketing. From there, we continually manage them for best click through rates, lowest CPC, etc., Our marketing strategy include: manual bid adjustment, budget management, keyword opportunities, visual ads and monthly reporting.

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Email marketing

A great marketing strategy If you like to engage with your clients via email with interesting news, announcements, exclusive specials or updates. Once is set, if you wish, Mailchimp can be managed in complete autonomy.

With Mailchimp you can easily create promotional emails to be sent to your subscribers. This tool also allows campaigns planning and detailed profiling of newsletter subscribers. Group profiling is essential to manage a large number of contacts, allowing them to be segmented and avoid duplication.

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Multimedia content

Your website is essentially a functional visual representation of your brand and business. That means the importance of having high quality, professional photos, illustration and videos is key. A professional photo shoot, illustration or video captures users’ attention. We can help you power your website with the right visual content.

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